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        Quality management and food safety
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• Good Agricultural Practices: GAP and Global GAP

• HACCP System and prerequisites programs

• Supplier Approval and Control Program

• Plant Lay out design

• International Standards (AIB, SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000, IFS, among others)

• Good Farming Practices

• Good Aquaculture Practices

        Quality Management in Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Products
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• Good Manufacturing Practices

• Good Storage Practices

• Good Laboratory Practices

• Good Distribution Practices

• Laboratory Quality Management ISO 17025

• Formula Developments

• Plant and Laboratories Lay out designs

• Processes Validation

• Stability Tests

• Supplier Approval and Control Program

        Quality, Security and Environmental Management
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• Quality Management Systems – ISO 9001

• Integrated Management Systems (Quality, Environment and Safety)

• ISO 17020 Accreditation (Inspection Bodies)

• Control and Security Management System - BASC

• Environmental Management System - ISO 14001

• Preliminary Environmental Diagnosis

• Environmental Impact Assessment

• Environmental Adjustment and Management Program

        Health and Safety at Work Management
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• Identification and assessment of occupational risks

• System design and implementation

        Training In House
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• List of courses available, Download HERE.

        Registrations and Regulatory Affairs
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• In Peru with DIGESA (Dirección General de Salud Ambiental)

o Sanitary Registration for Food and Beverages
o Sanitary Authorization of Plants
o Certificate of Technical Validation
o Sanitary Authorization to Fabricate, Import and Trade Toys and/or Stationery
o Sanitary Registration for Disinfectants

• In Peru with DIGEMID ( Dirección General de Medicamentos, Insumos y Drogas)

o Registration of your facility as a Drugstore
o Sanitary Notification for Cosmetic, Personal Hygiene and Domestic Hygiene Products
o Sanitary Registration for Drugs and Medical Equipment
o Regency Service

• In the US with FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

o Bioterrorism Registration (FFRN)
o Prior Notice
o Food Canning Establishment (FCE)
o Scheduled Process Filling (SID Number)

• In Peru with ITP and PRODUCE (For fish and fishing facilities)

o Installation Authorization (ITP)
o Installation Authorization (PRODUCE)
o EIA Verification Certificate (PRODUCE)
o Operating License (ITP)
o Operating License (PRODUCE)
o Facility Authorization (ITP)
o Product Sanitary Registration (ITP)

• In Peru with INDECOPI

o Trademark Registration

• Consultancy in National and International Sanitary Legislation

        Thermal Process Authority
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• Thermal Process Validation (equipment/rooms/products)

• Processing and packaging system’s audit

• Collecting Equipment and Software

• US FDA Facility Registration (FCE) and Process Schedule Filling (SID #)

        Losses Report  
        Food Labeling and Nutrition Labeling  

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